Procurement and programme management work

Leicestershire County Council - March 2020 to (ongoing)

Procurement lead for waste treatment procurement through the ISDS and ISFT stages, currently working on the procurement of a traffic modelling framework and associated services contract.

August 2018 - ongoing Wycombe, Chiltern and South Bucks council (and successor Buckinghamshire Council)

Project manager for joint waste collection competitive dialogue procurement. Supported governance throughout the live procurement and mobilisation plus some change control aspects.

February 2016 – ongoing, London Borough of Ealing

Greener Ealing Limited

Undertook mini competition under the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation framework for vehicle maintenance and supported the mobilisation of the new service.

Pan London Out of Hours Telephony Service

  • Put together and published ITPD document set for this competitive dialogue procurement
  • Published OJEU notice and ran portal and clarifications
  • Timetabled negotiation
  • Supported client though competitive dialogue and mobilisation
  • Supported the mobilisation
  • Now supporting change control on the awarded contract

West of London Joint Waste Enforcement

  • Put together and published ITN document set for this competitive procedure with negotiation
  • Published OJEU notice and running portal
  • Structured and project managed the SQ and tender evaluation
  • Set up the mobilisation

Guildford Borough Council  

November 2015 - March 2020

  • Produced strategic review of procurement – recommendations on implementing category management and transparency compliance
  • Advised client and produced documents for soft market testing for Electric Theatre (community theatre) and Walnut Tree Bridge (pedestrian bridge)
  • Published PIN notices
  • Undertook soft market test with client for the Bridge
  • Generated ITPD document set for Walnut Bridge
  • Published OJEU notice
  • Structured SQ/ PAS 91 evaluation
  • Timetabled dialogue
  • Supported client in dialogue
  • Generated ITT and SQ/ PAS91 document for restricted procedure for Walnut Bridge
  • Supported the evaluation and standstill to a successful award
  • Undertook many mini competitions for client requirements from frameworks (legal services, construction project management, engineering consultancy, ground investigation and property valuation)
  • Generic procurement support including publication of homelessness advice service OJEU notice and generation of evaluation spreadsheet

Hackney Homes

Programme managed the evaluation of the tenders for seven lots under an OJEU compliant procurement for specialist building maintenance services. Work undertaken under a very compressed timescale; and included the development of evaluation spreadsheets for each lot to allow the most economically advantageous tender for each lot to be selected.

  • Structured the mobilisation thereafter with structured topics for particular meetings e.g. customer liaison, works ordering and health and safety etc
  • Board reporting - highlight/checkpoint reporting, risk controls and resource planning
  • Programme included the update of the Universal Housing database with the bid back rates

South Norfolk Council

Procurement lead and programme manager for the re-procurement of the South Norfolk Internal Audit Consortium through the competitive dialogue route. This is a joint service whose customers include: Great Yarmouth Council, Breckland Council, The Broads Authority, Broadland Council, North Norfolk Council and South Norfolk

  • In the role of Commissioning Manager for South Norfolk put in place measures to ensure compliance, including staff training in procurement, overhaul of the contracts register and the development of the Councilís Purchasing Officer
  • Programme managed the relocation of CNC Building Control from Broadland to South Norfolk Council including TUPE, physical relocation, IT overhaul etc

Chiltern and Wycombe District Councils

  • March 2010 to September 2012. Programme/ project manager for the competitive dialogue procurement of a new joint waste service between Chiltern and Wycombe District Councils.
  • The team generated savings of circa £1.5 million generated on joint budgets of circa £8.9 million.
  • The programme included CRM, IT, HR (TUPE) in addition to the procurement project itself.

Essex and Suffolk School of Purchasing

Delivery of CIPS courses in 2015 and previous years at Level 5 and Level 6 including:

  • Improving the Competitiveness of Supply Chains (L5)
  • Managing Risks in Supply Chains (L5)
  • Sustainability (L5)
  • Programme and Project Management (L6)
  • Supply Chain Diligence (L6)

Local Partnerships LLP, Gateway Reviews, Team Leader

  • Active reduction of business risks for PFI projects through constructive external challenge (ongoing).

Herefordshire and Worcestershire Waste PFI

  • Interim Project Manager. December 2008 to July 2009.
  • Established core project documents to re-establish project on PRINCE 2 lines; advised Board, produced communications plan, advised on recruitment of advisors, rebuilt certain stakeholder relations.

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